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Harare International Carnival (2018) postponed

The Harare International Carnival which was scheduled for the 15th -20th October has been postponed to a date which is yet to be announced.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, Chief Executive Officer Karikoga Kaseke said that, 2018 carnival festival has been postponed due to Cholera. He said he was not sure whether the event was going to proceed or not at Zimbabwe Tourism Authority stakeholders’ meeting held on the 20th of September.

In a statement, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority said they are advising tourists from both the domestic, international markets and the general public that in the face of the recent Cholera outbreak Zimbabwe remains a very safe destination for any travel.

“The Ministry of Health and Child Care has made relentless efforts to contain the spread of the disease. The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, having given serious consideration to all the efforts being employed to contain the spread of the disease, has decided to adhere to the call by Health Authorities to curtail events that draw huge crowds.

“The Harare International Carnival has been growing in a stature over the years attracting huge crowds from both international but mostly local participants and contributing immensely to our  ‘Gross Happiness’ and the growth of tourism in Zimbabwe.

“It is without doubt that the Harare International Carnival falls within the category of events that the Health Authorities would wish to curtail during our endeavor to contain the spread of Cholera and tourism thrives in a healthy environment therefore, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority has seen it fit and proper to support the Government efforts by postponing the 2018 edition to a later date towards end of November or early December.”

Harare International Carnival (HIC) is a unique brand that involves people across the social cultural and political divide.

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