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‘He doesn’t have other expenses’, woman tells the court

Woman demands more money from her ex-husband because he is not yet married.

Tendai Chitango appeared at the Hararae Civil Court where she was applying for an upward variation for three children, from $170-$300.

“Your worship this man does not have other expenses because he hasn’t married yet, again his parents are looking after him, right now he is staying in his parents’ cottage where we used to stay .He also operates two commuter omnibuses,” said Tendai.

In response Tendai’s ex-husband Hamandishe Chitando denied the request and the allegations that his ex-wife has raised.

“This woman is lying, I do not have any kombie.She actually earns 3 times my salary and she works at Zimbabwe Open University, she doesn’t pay rentals because she is staying at her sister’s house who lives out of the country, so your worship I can offer $180 per month because am now married and my wife is expecting,” Hamandishe said.

In her rulling ,presiding magistrate Tafadzwa Mhiti ordered Hamandishe to pay $197 per month starting from May 31 2019.

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