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Health Service Board working on salary scale

The Health Service Board which was recently sworn held its induction for the incoming board members today in Harare. The induction was held in order to impart knowledge and skills, to the newly appointed Health Service Board Members, on the key Government principles and values.

In the note address by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Child Care he highlighted key issues in which the Health Service Board are mandated to do.

It is indeed essential for the Board Members and the Secretariat, to appreciate the underlying ethics upheld when doing Government business, so as to equally rise up to the challenge in meeting the needs of the general public.”

“It has been thirteen years since the Health Service Board has been working towards fulfilling its functions and roles as outlined in the Health Service Act No. 28/2004 [Chapter 15:16], wherein the Board is tasked to develop and manage policy matters with regards to the Health Sector.”

In an interview with professor Auxillia Chideme Munodawafa who is the vice chairperson of the board highlighted that the board is working on salary scale so that they can make them permanent.

The salary scale has not been revised for time immemorial. We want to review policies from other countries  so that we can implement them. We want to channel personals that are skilful to all the places in the country.”  She said.




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