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HIFA kicks off on a high note

Harare International Festival of Arts had its official opening for its 2018 ‘We Count’ session last night at the Harare Gardens.

Despite the heavy rains that unexpectedly fell before the official opening, people were already gathering for an unforgettable special night of the festival.

In an interview with one of the performing artist Mae Sithole, she said that “It was a good start seeing a lot of people gathering for such an event and enduring the cold and the rains.”
Judah Garva and Slavic Soul Party from United States of America featuring the Zimbabwe School of Music are some of the artists who performed last night.

The festival is continuing up to the 6th of May and there are a lot of activities that are going to be there.

Some of the popular artists and groups that are going to be part of the festival include Winky D, Lira from South Africa, Trio Mapivi from German, Zimpraise, Grafitti Classics from Ireland and Dino Miranda.

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