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Huge Turn Up Expected At Winky D Show

The organisers of Winky D’s album launch set for tonight have revealed that they are expecting a high turnout of fans as more tickets have already been bought compared to the other shows where tickets were bought at the entrance.

In an interview with ZimOnline News, Dee Nosh of 2 Kings Entertainment said:

“We are expecting a huge turnout of fans for this show compared to the previous ones.

“Because of the numbers of tickets that have been bought so far, we expect a few people to be paying on the gate, which is quite different from the previous shows that the King of Zimdancehall has performed before.”

Zimdancehall guru, Wallace Chirumiko, popularly known as Winky D will be launching his new album titled ‘Gombwe’ tonight at the Harare International Conference Center (HICC).

The album follows the popular ‘Gafa Futi’ produced in 2016 by Oskid.

It’s not just the album that Winky D is wrestling against, but also keeping up the standards as he is the one who won the Best Live Performance Awards in 2015.

All the fans are looking forward to a stunning performance that cannot be compared to any of the previous.

Tonight, Winky D will also be celebrating his birthday after he turned 35 years yesterday.


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