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Hundreds of Italian companies interested in investing in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe Investment Conference was held today at the Rainbow towers Harare, during the conference, the Italian Ambassador to Zimbabwe honorable E. Agostini mentioned that there are 200 Italian companies that are interested in investing in the country.

The ambassador mentioned that the famous statement that Zimbabwe is open for business must not only be in words but a lot has to be done in the business sector of this country, he pointed out that Zimbabwe has a lot of economic potential but there is need to discover the hidden potential in all sectors of the economy.

Honorable A.S Singh the Malaysian ambassador to Zimbabwe also added on to the same sentiments that had been passed by the Italian ambassador of the implementation of openness of business than just a passing phrase. He said the idea is good but the government of Zimbabwe must correct some of the past approaches to businesses.

The conference had many topics that were discussed which include Investment climate and base of doing business, opportunities and incentives in infrastructure, fiscal and monetary policy incentives for investment and Agriculture.

Several business people attended the e conference including the Japanese ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr T. Iwado and the chairman of Special Economic Zones Dr G. Gono .


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