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“I am not the DADDY!” Sharon Macheso shocker….

Sungura guru Alick Macheso’s daughter, Sharon had her head and that of her family name splashed with icy water when her estranged husband Kudakwashe Munetsi bluntly rejected paternity of her pregnancy. Munetsi, who claims has not bedded the musical heir in their stint two months “sexual-halloween” fairytale was speaking at the Harare Magistrates’ Court where he is facing allegations of contravening a section of the Domestic Violence Act for physically abusing Sharon.

A scan presented by prosecutor Gayton Vhiriri in court yesterday revealed that Sharon was seven weeks and two days pregnant. This, as Munetsi ridiculed could not be as he did not drop Sharon’s knickers due to the STI she was suffering from.

What could have been moment of pride for Alick Macheso fast spiraling into humiliating disaster

What could have been moment of pride for Alick Macheso fast spiraling into humiliating disaster

“I am hearing it for the first time that my wife is pregnant. If she was really pregnant she should have told me when she discovered it. We were not having sexual relations because she had an STI, so I do not know how she became pregnant”, said Munesti.

Munetsi denies the charges of beating up his wife as alleged citing Sharon is the one who has anger issues than need help. In fact, as bizarre in the Zimbabwean marital setup, Kuda pleads that he is actually the one who was at the receiving end of his wife’s violent tantrums.

“When I confronted her about what had happened to the gifts and money we received at our wedding she got so angry that she started shouting and beating me up”, he added.

Munetsi told the court that he sought refuge in the bathroom as Sharon was advancing towards him with a hoe handle.

“My wife is not a woman of great stature, but when she is angry she becomes very strong since she is possessed by the spirit of her grandfather. I was afraid for my life and sought refuge in the bathroom. She took a while banging the door and when she had cooled off a bit that is when I got out of the bathroom.”

Munetsi dismissed allegations made by Sharon that he was suicidal. Magistrate Mr Tavonga Mtetwa will rule on the matter on November 11.herald

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