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Immortals drops new track “BHENENGU”

The Immortals which comprise of Xtra Large (Likkle N and Swaggy Jimmy), Rockford Josphat, Trevor Dongo, Shinsoman and King Shaddy dropped their latest track yesterday called “Bhenengu”.

The Immortals is a collective effort by 5 brands in the 2nd generation pioneers of local urban contemporary music which was dubbed urban groove upon inception.

The Immortals represent an innovative way of demonstrating that art never dies but it is individuals who make a choice to stop working and remain dormant while rich in content.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. The first was in 2003 when Take 5 had Chamhembe which opened doors for a generation that shook the industry and also comprised of some of The Immortals Roki, Trevor and Xtra Large. Other initiatives where Chigutiro by TBA and Machikichori by Flash and the current production executive Macdonald Macdee Chidavaenzi.

Over the years many artists gave up pushing their creative work due economic sustainability issues and this is one issue that has resulted in the demise of so many once popular brands paving way for new blood whose main aim is just to work hard and make their own names.

Speaking to the producer Macdonald Macdee Chidavaenzi had this to say:

The Immortals are no limited to this initial team but will be opening up to as many artists who have or had so much to offer but relaxed somewhere along the way. Our plan with these artists is to make sure that we don’t destroy the value and heritage of each and every artist who is making a mark or has made a mark in this country.”

“Look at BET and how it has preserved the value of black entertainment art in the US, that’s a culture we ought to preserve.”

“So far we have just done a song with the guys as an initiative effort but it’s only a drop in the ocean when we view the whole vision. Still to come are strategic collaborations local regional and international, tours and so many creative visual presentations. We have partnered with a serious team that has Zimbabwean music development at heart and already plans are underway to initiate phase two of the project.”

“The Immortals program does not affect personal careers of the artists we work with but rather complements their individual efforts to provide the market with an adequate supply of entertainment that cuts across generations.”

Production wise we are going to be working with a team of beat makers and producers to spice up the sound and bring variety although Macdee will be production executive overseeing the whole process.


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