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Lighting claims life in Chegutu

January ends with a tragically in Chegutu as it claims life. The rains last night that where accompanied by lighting claimed the life of one.

The girl who was strake with her friend was very unfortunate and died immediately after the incident. The friend after getting out of the ecstasy of the lighting confirmed the details of the deceased. The incident occurred at ZMDC.

Thelma Thabiso Mbendhle who was a student at Midlands state university was strake by lighting yesterday and reportedly died on the spot.

Some of the eye witness said the deceased is allegedly to have been her cell phone in the bra which was the reason for the attraction of the lighting.  This also made the body of the deceased to be hardly recognisable. The girls where rushed to the hospital but for Thelma it was too late.

‘The burial is to take place on the second of February in Chegutu’ according to the Mbendhle family respondent.

The public is been warned to switch off their cell phones when it is raining in order to avoid such incidents that very tragic and that there may cost lives.

‘The death of Thelma has marked the third loss of Midlands State University student this year alone’ said the University Chaplin Dr Mpofu.

In consideration to some scholars on the issue of cell phones and lighting the incident does not add up only lives the community with a number of questions that will never be answered?

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