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Lumumba “whistle-blowing”, RBZ scalps start falling

Following the controversial bold outburst by the maverick William Gerald Matumanje affectionately called Acie Lumumba live on social media on Sunday that shook the and astonished the entire Zimbabwean community, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe boss has wielded the guillotine and heads are beginning to roll.

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa recently warned the Forex dealers and unsurprisingly Lumumba who was a prophetic jester during the ascension of Mnangagwa to power got appointed Chair to the Communications Committe within the Ministry of Finance & Economic Development.

The named RBZ senior personnel are alleged to have been the kingpin(s) in the rampant and economy crippling illegal Forex and local bond trading that had licked all currencies out of the banks and into the informal traders who had congregated the streets of the capital and other small cities and towns.

Lumumba vowed more exposure coming until sanity prevails in the Zimbabwean economy.

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