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Oiling the scribes to gloss the PHD Ministries publicity: Prophet Magaya

Magaya to go into exile

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministry founder and president Walter Magaya  has said that he no longer feels safe being in Zimbabwe. He said this yesterday after he was raided by armed police officers who went to his offices around 7pm yesterday.

This came after Magaya had claimed on Sunday that he found a medicine called Aguma which he claims that it can cure H.I.V. this came with attacks from the government that rebuked Magaya for not following all process before making the claim that he had discovered an H.I.V cure.

In his video last night Magaya said that

“I am no longer safe. I have received a call that the police are at my office with a search warrant and I don’t know what they will do. The police officers are armed and I no longer feel safe.”

“I will compensate for all those who are in the Yadah Connect bee and honey production on the 15th of November because I no longer feel safe in my own country.”

A few months ago there was a lady who was crying foul after she said Magaya had not given her money which she had used in Yadah connect. Yadah Connect, operating as a holding company for its cooperatives, is steadily growing into a strong company with a unique brand impact, objective and drive respected for its commitment to improving the economic and skill resources of all stakeholders. With over 30 Yadah connect agents represented across all provinces in Zimbabwe.

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