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Mahendere snubs Peace and Family Festival

The multi award winning gospel musician Michael Mahendere snubbed the Peace and Family Festival set to be held tomorrow at National Sports Stadium.

Speaking to Zimonline News, Mahendere said that he will not be attending the event as it is non-christian.

“The reason why I am not attending the event is that it is against my religion. I’m a born again Christian and I have a strong Christian background and I don’t want to go against it. The thing is that the event organizers spoke to my manager when I was in South Africa and they did not talk to me directly and I always do due diligence.”

“I wasn’t really sure about the event so I checked for some information on the internet and that’s when I found out that it was really something else. I’m not judging anyone here, but I’m speaking for myself, it is really against my faith. Issues of faith are really important to me. I just stood up for my faith and nothing more,” said Mahendere.

It also reported that Janet Manyowa will not be attending the Korean cult organized peace festival. Local churches under the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) have discouraged the Christian community against attending the event saying they do not identify with the teaching of the movement.

Hak Ja Han has landed in the country today and will have a press conference on the current peace situation in the country and how the peace and family festival help in transforming the economy and social environment.

Han is a Korean religious leader and her late husband was the founder of Unification Church. The Unification movement believes that God’s original plan was for Jesus to form a perfect marriage in order to redeem humanity and undo the harm done by Adam and Eve.


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