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Makandiwa on high profile arrests

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa , the founder of United Family International Ministries specified on how the imprisonment of high profile people is going to affect the nation businesswise on the 18th of November at the City Sports Centre in Harare.

Recently, some ex-government officials and business people were being arrested most of them for criminal abuse of their offices and fraud and the exercise is still going on.

Makandiwa said business people from outside the country are now even scared to trade in Zimbabwe as they are now fearing for their lives. He mentioned this during a Sunday service on the continuation of sermon called ‘Let there be light.’

“I’m shining light on the matter I raised last Sunday about arresting big people. The more they are arrested, the more business people they will scare away because there is phobia that is building. People will not be comfortable with being small and afraid of achieving big. There is no one that has worked in an office and has not committed a crime whilst there

“Even David, who is being called a light by Abishai, snooped another man’s wife who was bathing. As David was fainting, he needed the help of an inferior person but he remained the light of Israel.

“We should say those in corruption from today will face the law and let go what happened in the past. In life, going to prison should not be an easy thing. It should not be fearsome to be enterprising in the country because everyone will become a vendor. People should not be in the business of criticizing man of God, but rather listen to how they interpret situations that people are facing. What we are facing in this country requires interpretation. People are crying because they are failing to interpret what they are reading.

He added that:

“When you are made big by God, small people will come around you and those people will be your limitation. There are many other people with answers who are outside the cabinet and parliament. When people sit in there, I always pray that may God reveal to these people that there are cameras rolling in there and the whole world is watching.

“I’ve watched different sessions in different countries and you wonder where we are going. If you research today, you will discover why a gathering of baboons is called a parliament. You should understand why certain spirits are dominating certain environments,” said Makandiwa.

Makandiwa also mentioned about how Elijah in the bible caused it to rain when there were no clouds in the sky and soon after that it started raining in the CBD and surrounding areas.

“Elijah said it was going to rain not after formation of clouds but after his appearance. If there are people that cause hunger, there must be people who cause abundance. Hunger in a nation is caused by people; Africa is where it is also because of people. Then the prophet said until I release a word you shall not receive rain in the land.

“This means he had the word to change the weather and he kept the word to himself. Even as God wanted people to have rain, he could not bypass the symbol of success in the prophet. God said you go first because there would be no rain without the prophet’s presence. Unless they see Elijah, they can’t see the rain and if they persecute him they have persecuted their rain. He took the entire economy into his own prophetic hands,” he said.

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