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Man arrested for keeping stolen property

Rashmore Tendai Chingambera (24), from Chirodzero Business centre in Domboshava has been  arraigned before Magistrate Josephine Sunday in Rotten Row Court 6 (Crimes) for possessing property suspected to have be stolen.

Chingambera was arrested on the 2nd of September after he failed to give a satisfactory explanation of his possession of the groceries found in his room to the police detail from Chinamhora Base in Domboshava who had received information of theft and acted in effect.

Chingambera stated that he had bought the groceries at Rezende tuckshops in Harare using an ecocash account but he failed to produce the line and phone. In an investigation, the shops were visited by the police but the three shops he refered to have made transfers denied having made any transactions with Chingambera as they did not accept ecocash.

In another statement Chingambera denied his first statement saying he used cash to obtain these goods. In court Chingambera failed to identify the address and his landlord’s name where he rented and operated his tuckshop.

The court opposed to granting him bail on condition that he has no fixed residence and is likely to flee his case. He was remanded in custody to appear for trial on 18th of September.





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