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MDC-A will remain solid after Congress:Chamisa

The Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A)leader Nelson Chamisa has dismissed rumors that the party will split up after the MDC-A Congress on the 24-26th of May.

In an interview with SABC news yesterday Chamisa said after the MDC-A Congress the party would remain firm no one will destroy it and it will move forward.

“The Congress is to produce credible, strong more vibrant alternative. We are not anticipating a fall out. Peoples project is the peoples struggle cannot split what splits are individuals who choose to exfoliate ”said Chamisa.

Advocate Chamisa also said the MDC-A guaranteed everyone the right of association .If one wants to back out from the party their rights will not be infringed.

“Our founding President Dr Morgan Tsvangirai’and implied that we may have circumstances were individuals may feel free to leave and also free to come back,”said Chamisa

Chamisa also warned the public to stop criticizing the former President Robert Mugabe because he was no longer a political player and also it was un- African to criticize an elderly person in the African context. Life moves on.

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