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MDC cleared for demonstration

Zimbabwe Republic Police has approved the proposed march by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) scheduled for Tuesday 5th of June 2018.

Tomorrow MDC supporters will march in Harare and will hand over a list of petitions for electoral reforms at MunhuMutapa Building.

Some of the reforms that have been listed by MDC include auditing of Bio Metric Registration, demilitarisation of Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), demilitarisation of village and access to public media.

MDC-T held a press conference following the approval to proceed with its planned demonstrations.

During the press conference, MDC-T National Deputy Organising Secretary, Amos Chibaya said:

“Tomorrow we are holding a Free and Fair Election peace march in Harare.

“We will march to the ZEC offices and present our fully comprehensive petition that speak of the fundamentals that needs to be implemented before we can hold a free and fair election.

“We are going to give the same petition to the Mnangagwa administration.

“As long as the voters’ role has not been audited by a credible and independent auditor there cannot be an election.

“As major stake holders in the political affairs of Zimbabwe we want to participate in the national logistics committee that will run this election in a manner that will produce an uncontested outcome”

“ZANU PF has organised overzealous supporters to infiltrate and cause havoc and paint us in the bad picture”

“We encourage the participants in the march not to participate in any act of violence, looting or damage as we said this is a free and fair election peace march.”

The march is expected to start at 1000 hrs and end at 1430hrs.

Other politicians from different political parties like Elvis Mugari have agreed to this peaceful demonstration by the MDC-T.

On Facebook platform Mugari wrote:

“Tomorrow’s demo is not against @edmnangagwa, it is simply to protest the failure by ZEC to discharge its constitutional mandate. It is therefore weird to have a counter demo by ZANU in support of ED unless ZEC and ED are inseparable, in that case yes it’s against ZEC PF”

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