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MDC-T dragged to court over $10k debt

A Toyota Hilux vehicle, was put on sale by a local businessman in a bid to recover his $10 000 owed by the Nelson Chamisa led MDC-T political party.

The owner of the car, Ishline Investments (Pvt) Ltd has taken MDC-T to the High Court.

The summons was issued through Merssrs Manyurureni and Companywho are the plaintiff’s lawyers on May 28 2018 seeking an order to compel the political party to pay for the disposed vehicle that had been surrendered as surety.

The incident leading to the current litigation dates back to April 15, 2017 when the MDC-T allegedly borrowed $10 000 from one Roy Makumbe in Ishline Investment’s name with the latter’s consent and co-operation according to court papers.

Plaintiff’s (Ishline Investment) motor vehicle, a Toyota Hilux, registration number ADY 3799 valued at $23 000 was used as security for the said debt.

 It was a material term of the agreement between the plaintiff and the defendant (MDC-T) that defendant would repay the loan on or before April 30, 2017,” Ishline said in its declaration.

MDC-T is said to have failed to pay the said amount as agreed prompting Makumbe to sell the firm’s vehicle with a view to recover his cash.

Wherefore plaintiff prays for judgement in the sum of $23 000 being replacement value of the plaintiff’s vehicle which is due and payable to the plaintiff by the defendant, interest on the said amount at the prescribed rate from date of summons to date of full payment plus cost of suit,

On June 7, 2018 MDC-T responded to the litigation.

Be pleased to take notice that on June 7, 2018 the defendant herein entered appearance to defend this matter. Further take notice that the defendant’s address of service is Harvest House 44, Nelson Mandela Avenue, Harare as here undersigned.”

The matter is still pending.


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