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MDC youth condemns Gonyeti’s abduction

Youth Secretary for MDC-A Zachariah Mushwatu has condemned the abduction and torture of comedian and socialite Samantha Kureya well known as Gonyeti. MDC-A youth urged the government to abduct and fix the economy than abducting defenseless civilians.

In a press statement the MDC-A youth has criticized the Mnangagwa regime for increasing the numbers of abduction civic activist and human rights activist.

“The MDC Youth Assembly fervently condemns and unreservedly denounces the abduction of Samantha Kureya popularly known as Gonyeti. Her abduction last night comes hard on the heels of serial kidnappings and incessant arrests by panic stricken regime exhibiting characteristics of an organized crime syndicate operating on the streets of Sicily,” 

Mushwatu said Gonyeti was relieving Zimbabweans distress from the deteriorating economic,social and political situation.

“Instead of abducting people, the regime should abduct poverty; instead of arresting citizens ,it should arrest the economic crisis which has our country teetering on the precipice of total collapse,”

Gonyeti was abducted by masked men who tortured her and her family. She was forced to drink sewage water and dumped in Crowborough neighborhood where she acquired help.

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