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Minister Mahendere’s backing vocalist in business

Upcoming gospel musician who is also Minister Mahendere’s backing vocalist, Julian Lennon Kanombirira popularly known as Julian King has opened an opportunity for investors through his company Build Africa Investment.

In a statement, he said that he intend to use the company to achieve various business interests locally and internationally.

“I started Build Africa Investment Market early this year and it is an online platform where business and entrepreneurs looking can register in order to attract potential investors. The reason why it’s called Build Africa is because I did not want to limit the extent of the vision.

“The vision goes well along with the President’s drive to say ‘Zimbabwe is open for business.’ It is not big and known yet but it also in need of investment so that we give visibility to all companies both big and small looking for investment.

“We have a website that is used in different African countries which is www.buildafricainvest.com . Any African government that embraces the vision and values to the extent to which it can help with their economic growth is the one I’m looking forward to getting their attention. As for my fellow Zimbabweans, we might be going through a rough patch but there is no such thing as a bad time to invest,” said Kanombirira.

Julian King will be also releasing a musical single called desperate on the 22nd of December. He is still new to the music industry and is mentored by Minister Mahendere.


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