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Mliswa mounts pressure at a Chinese companySunny Yi Feng

Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency Hon Temba Mliswa has continued exposing more unfavorable surroundings for workers at a Chinese company Sunny Yi Feng Tiles. Mliswa said he was not against investors but they have to respect our resources and human who work for them.

Posting on his twitter handle, Mliswa said the Sunny Yi Feng Company should respect and consider human rights by providing favorable conditions for their workers.

“Sights from the US$30 million the factory. When we say there is need to upgrade standards, facilities and provide a conducive working the blind minded, full of politics every time we say we are harassing investors.Isnt this harassment also?,” the tweet read.

Mliswa said the Sunny Yi Feng Tiles were appreciating that their environment was not conducive for their workers and would fix them. Hon.Mliswa said those who were wrong were the politicians praising the Chinese investors while they are aware that there in no conducive environment for workers.

He added that politicians were welcoming the Chinese investors because of corruption without considering the human life.

Hon.Mliswa said he appreciates Chinese investors and also urged Zimbabweans to safeguard their resources because as developing countries will be left under developed.

“Neo-Colonialism and attendant national behaviors isn’t the presence of investors .We have to diligently guard exploitation which leaves us poor as a nation,”said Mliswa.

Recently Hon.Mliswa also blasted the Sunny Yi Feng Company for disposing raw water in  the  main Harare water tables.

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