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Mliswa on the dance floor

Mliswa to give his pay to village workers

Temba Mliswa a member of parliament for Norton Constituency yesterday pledged to give all his pay to village health workers. He said this yesterday at the World Mental health Day launch and commemorations held in Norton yesterday.

He said this after appreciating the amount of work that is done by the village health workers and what they get as their salaries month end.

“These village health workers do a lot of work only to be paid as 15 dollars per month. When you see them working it then shows that it’s not only for the money but it is a gift. This coming month I’m going to pledge my pay to these people.”

The theme for this year was “mental health and young people in a changing world”. In a speech by the Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obidiah Moyo that was delivered on his behalf by Mr Douglas Mangwanya he said that, “the focus is on helping young people to be strong and resilient in the face of hardships.”

“Technology has created a new sense of belonging and it now plays a vital role in the lives of young people. At the same time mental illness is on the rise but many young people are not seeking treatment that could that could inevitably help lessen the treatment that could inevitably help lessen the severity of their illness.”

The day was set as awareness to young people. Entertainment came from Ashton Nyahora (Mbeu) who sang songs that encouraged young people to stay away from drugs as it is one of the causes for mental illness.



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