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Mnangagwa exposes his inefficiency

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa yesterday criticised his own currency (RTGS) Dollar over two and half million dollars while he was acknowledging a donation by American President Donald Trump.

Speaking at Chimanimani yesterday where he was commemorating National Clean Up Campaign Day with the Cyclone Idai victims,he expressed incompetence of his government by making a public joke out of RTGS Dollar.

“Do you know Trump?, President of which country?, President of America eheee,the one who imposed sanctions on us.Yesterday he send his Ambassador with two and half million USD not RTGS! ….Yokwavo chaiyo chaiyo 2 and half million zvikanzi endai munobatsirika….And if you in need of other things,we have our station in South Africa,tinokwanisa kukupai zvimwe .Nhamo  yava pakuti tiudzei kuti moda chii,ndonhamo yatava nayo yokutaura kuti tinodei.Kuipa kwezvimwe ndokunaka kwezvimwe,” said Mnangagwa.

Most Zimbabweans on social media reacted towards Mnangagwa for mocking bond notes and praising other nation’s currency.

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