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Mnangagwa’s government losing traction as elections approach

When Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa ascended to presidency of the Republic of Zimbabwe following a nost-so-coup, he was famed for declaring, “The voice of the people is the voice of God”. He unapologetically blamed the economy rot and the suffering of Zimbabweans to Mugabe’s rule and lack of empathy to the people’s plight.

In that pledge, he declared his commitment to listen to the concerns of Zimbabweans and work tirelessly to ensure a restoration of the Zimbabwean pride, distancing himself from the Mugabe rulership. He immediately affirmed the elections to be held as per constitution as well them to be free, fair and credible.

With that said, the Zimbabwean masses of Zimbabwe gave Mnangagwa a 100-day in office litmus test. Much to the expectation of the people, Mnangagwa would not disappoint as he started by securing uncle Bob’s golden handshake. A more than generous retirement package that simply equated his 38year living status to his retirement. This was despite the fiscal challenges of ordinary Zimbabweans not addressed nor even an in-part reprieve for the out of control cost of living.

In an attempt to create a mirage to the sore and suffering people, he made ‘crocodile’ concern over cost of living and attributed that to the cost of fuel to which the greater part was/is duty charged on the product. Sadly, the price reduction failed to reach the consumer as pump calibrated prices remained stagnant.

Most notably, the Mnangagwa administration has shot itself in the head at the way it handled the striking health staff. Instead of negotiating with the striking professionals, the government played victim and vilified them. Starting with the Doctors and now the nurses who all have been summarily terminated by the office of Vice President.


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