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Mohadi breaks ground for new rehabilitation center

Vice President Kembo Mohadi has officiated the groundbreaking of Cowdray Park Registrar Generals Office and drug rehabilitation center.

Addressing the crowd Mohadi said the center will assist many because of where it is located where everyone had easy access to it.Mohadi said it was a good move to establish a rehabilitation center because it would help the majority to deal with drug addiction.

“Considering the growth of Bulawayo, the establishment of offices chosen to the people is an advantage to ease the burden of transportation,”

He added

“This groundbreaking ceremony for the drug rehabilitation forward to ensure a sober future generation,”

Hon.Mohadi also donated maize to Bulawayo residents claiming no one should go hungry in this country.

“There is need to revive the economy of the country. We are hence doing our best to renew fundamental ministries to enhance economic growth,”said Mohadi.

Bulawayo has recorded more Vuzu parties were teenagers abuse drugs and alcohol and this could be a good place for rehabilitation.

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