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More critics for Mugabe

Following the recent interview by many foreign media houses the former President Robert Mugabe has attracted more critics for himself.

In his interview Mugabe mentioned that his resignation out of the presidential office was fostered by a coup detat and that the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa was improper and illegal to the position that he is holding.

He added that if the President is willing to settle his illegality, he is ready to discuss with him so that they can talk and remove what he called a ‘disgrace upon the country’ and also highlighted that he wanted to be invited properly as he is currently isolated.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has responded to the points that were raised by the former President last night during his interview.

In his statement the President has highlighted   that the Government will continue to honour all its obligations towards the former President’s welfare and benefits, as provided for under the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Never the less after the release of the statement by the President and Cabinet people on the social media have also aired their views about Mugabe.

Evan Mawarire has shared on his twitter account that “this man destroyed our lives, murdered thousands and personally victimized me and my family.”

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