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MSF says goodbye to Zimbabwe

The Permanent  Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Child Care, Brigadier General Dr. Gerald Gwinji  has commemorated  the developments that have been done by Medecins Sans Frontiers(MSF) in connection with mental health  in Zimbabwe.

In an Interview with ZimOnline News, Dr Gwinji said:

“The country has managed to train more than 30 nurses with the basics of mental health care and more are going to be trained in future.”

A woman who is a beneficiary of some of the projects done by MSF shared her story with the delegates who graced the event.

“I suffered from tuberculosis and MSF offered to help me with the treatment for the disease.

“They treated me until I was cured and continued to support me financially as well.”

MSF is an international medical humanitarian organization that has been working in Zimbabwe since 2000.

MSF runs projects in partnership the Ministry of Health and Child Care which include treatment and care of people living with HIV, drug resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB), non-communicable diseases like asthma, diabetes and hypertension.


The organisation has done so many projects which includes the Epworth project, prison project and the Harare Psychiatry project.

Alexio Kawara entertained people.


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