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Mudede used to control elections: Magaisa

The retirement of Tobaiwa Mudede has come become one of the trending stories on the social as people are revealing hoe they feel about such a retirement.

His retirement was approved yesterday by His Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa. The President approved the retirement of about nine permanent secretaries and principal directories from the Public Service.

Alex Magaisa who was Tsvangirai’s advisor had a lot to say on his twitter account concerning the retirement of the Tobaiwa Mudede.

“We like a bit of banter at Mdhara Mudede’s expense. He’s an easy target, having held one role for too long & for his stubbornness. The young might not know but he used to control elections. Yet the fact that the mess continued after him reminds us the system is the problem.”

“If there’s anything we have learnt from history, it is that the replacement could be worse. Gono left the RBZ and the gods of money gave us Mangundya. When Makarau left, the gods of elections rewarded us with Chigumba. After Chidyausiku, the gods of justice gave us Malaba.”

“In each case and more, tears of happiness have turned into tears of pain. The departure of one reviled public officer is no guarantee that the new public officer will be an angel. In fact, they could turn out to be far worse than the ones they replaced.”

“So Mudede has been shown the door and rightly so. Yet, as night follows day, he will be replaced by someone from the system. Who knew ZEC would reach the low depths it reached this year? Mudede has gone but the system has to change.Changing the human factor alone is not enough.”


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