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Musona failure: Ray Vines smells juju

A 19 year old socialite and Comedian Ray Vines smells juju (blackmagic) for Musona the Warriors Captain miss to score an open goal with the Ugandan match in Egypt.

In an Interview with ZiFM news reporter, Ray Vines said Musona was a victim to Ugandans, given the wide speculation that Uganda is well known for witch craft practices.

Relating to a picture of one of the Ugandan football player with something like juju around his waist which went viral on Social Media, the comedian said Musona’s perfomance was jinxed.

Ray Vines said Musona should not be blamed or criticised because failure is part of life and he is not the one who missed golden chances like that.

“Of course captain failed but it’s part of life, even the best World football players like Messi, Cristiano and Neymar also missed golden chances like this one, especially Neymar was even worse than Musona,” said Ray Vines.

Ray went on to say that Musona deserves another chance. He predicts that the captain is going to score on their upcoming game with DRC on Sunday, to which the match will end 4-0 in favour of Zimbabwe.This will be a disadvantage to the Ugandan Cranes who will be walloped 3-0 by the Pharaohs’ ,he further predicted.

Ray Vines is a first year Computer Science student at Midlands State University.              

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