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Nation ‘feels’ over Mangudya’s monetary policy.

The people of Zimbabwe have expressed bitterness and cautious feelings about  last Monday’s monetary policy by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Dr John Mangudya post to his 2016 promises in equating  the US dollar and bond notes .

The public is appealing to the government over this so called daylight robbery whereby on every mobile transaction 2 % is to be charged on every dollar, this has led to some local companies  temporarily suspending operations and even sending workers home.

Meanwhile local businessman Arnold Mutsondi of the Alex F and Associates has threatened to take the government to court if it does not reverse the 2% within 14 days .The tax is unlawful, unfair and unjustifiable in a democratic society said Mutsondi.

Accordingly opposition legislators have requested the governor to make clarification on the monetary policy statement so that they solve the issue for the public and do something better. Elias Mudzuri tweeted saying the policy is unacceptable.

“The midterm monetary policy statement presented by John Mangudya is unlawful, today’s bank accounts are in US dollar by legislation of 2016 and it is criminal to change them to bond notes or RTGs without change of legislation, this should only affect new accounts and not the existing one”,read Mudzuri’s tweet.

The monetary policy is on itself claiming Mangudya’s resignation as suggested by the public, the policy is not legal at all and it proves the government specializes on making the people poor. Churches also hail the new monetary policy measures that they can’t find business groups to back the 2% transaction tax.

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