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National dialogue continues:ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the national dialogue will continue and it will not be interrupted, criticizers will not be entertained.

At a press conference held at the conclusion of the third session of Zimbabwe-South Africa Bi- National Commission Summit in Harare Mnangagwa said he was determined to work hard and improve the country and those who did not want to be involved could just back out.

“However, in democracy it is not a crime to move away from progress for those who are not willing to come to the table with the rest of the parties and the organisation in the country. We are determined to work on a way forward to the betterment of our country and vision of our country and vision of our country to better the lives of our people”said Mnangagwa.

Mnangagwa said there was need for those who are willing to die for the country in the national dialogue and everyone was guaranteed the right of association if one does not want to join the national dialogue they would not be reprimanded for it.

We do not compel everybody to come to the table. People have their democratic right to walk away from progress but those who have the need and desire and who are patriotic to their country they will always come together and contribute their constructive ideas to moving forward” said ED.

ED said they would not be moved by predators who did not want development in the country and he did not want negative energy during the national dialogue,Zimbabwe should emulate from countries like South Africa.

“It is our view that we don’t need to commit mistakes of those who have gone ahead of us. We need to heap frog in terms of our development to catch up with developing countries but to do so ,we needs hands like what South Africa is doing holding our hand, moving with us and the other countries. That’s what we are doing. We will not be swayed by negative forces …”said ED.

Mnangagwa further equated himself to God saying everything was not perfect there was Satan who wanted to disturb God but he still remained the creator.

The national dialogue was issued after the 2018 Presidential Elections so that Politics Gurus can find ways to improve the country’s economy.MDC-A and other political parties backed out from the National dialogue.




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