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National Patriotic Front celebrates Zimbabwe’s 39th independence

The National Patriotic Front (NPF) today joined Zimbabweans in celebrating 39 years of independence from colonial rule.

In a statement spokesperson of National Patriotic Front Jealousy Mawarire urged Zimbabweans to stand up against black-on-black oppression.

“This is a time to be happy,but also a moment to introspect.We celebrate the birth of a child called Zimbabwe,but we also introspect on how we have failed to nurture the jewel,how we subjected the country to vagaries of black-on-black oppression,wanton looting of resources meant to grow the young nation state and the repressive system that stunted the growth of the child born on April 18 1980,” he said.

Mawarire also said today is also the day of remembering lives lost due to Cyclone Idai in March.

“Even as we endure the pain of keeping body and soul together,we remember,today,the many lives lost due Cyclone Idai and share in the pain of our brothers andsisters who,even today,are enduring the stench of decomposing bodies as they comb and ,unsuccessfully,try to move boulders in search of their missing loved ones,”  said Mawarire.


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