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New talent: Probity Mutsambiwa releases an album

Upcoming gospel musician Probity, who is also part of Zimpraise Choir, released a six tracked album titled ‘Wakarurama’ last week.

Probity said that ‘Wakarurama’ is his first album following a single track that he did late last year.

My musical journey has grown and is still growing each and every day.  This album has been designed to suit different musical tastes. There is also a bonus promotional track titled Yahweh that we share free of charge so that we grow together and it boasts a bomb of a video that is to be released soon as is it already under post-production.

“I was inspired by Minister Michael Mahendere and was strongly encouraged by how he managed to stay in the industry for such a long time ministering to people’s lives. I have been doing live performances for some time and my music is being received quite well by fans.

“Lastly I would like to say to everyone that whenever you have a dream never accept challenges, embrace change and you will definitely get there,” he said.

Probity is a telecoms engineer who graduated at Midlands State University and is currently working at Huawei. He also is a strong Christian who believes in ministering in the lives of many through songs.

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