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No dispute between ED and Chiwenga: Khaya Moyo

The ZANU-PF Spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo has dismissed rumors that there is rift between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Vice President Constantino Chiwenga; he also urged the public to desist from yellow journalism.

ZANU-PF Spokesperson Ambassador Khaya Moyo cleared the claims saying there was no rift between the two political gurus.Party critics were the ones spreading these falsehoods.

Moyo said the restructuring of Harare Bulawayo it was meant to strengthen the party given their strategic importance as metropolitan provinces.He also urged people to desist from sensational journalism because it exaggerates.

“This is of course the height of gutter journalism, creating an impression that there is any feud existing between our two leaders. Such fiction and fertile imagination is indeed a clear manifestation of yellow journalism by the writer, “he said

Moyo said the ZANU-PF was exercising good leadership and the party’s critics were the ones who saw factionalism in the party and were spreading rumors that there has been a split between Mnangagwa and Chiwenga so as to cause unrest in the party.

“For the true record ZANU-PF has, since the advent of the new dispensation in November 2017,exercised collective leadership at all levels including the said two most senior politicians .Factionalism only exist in the minds of the party’s detractors “said Moyo

ED also dismissed the rumors saying they were in good relations with Chiwenga.

The Standard report claimed that a dispute between Mnangagwa and VP Chiwenga following the dissolving of Harare and Bulawayo provincial report




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