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No foreigners took South African jobs: Malema

Commander in Chief of Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and a Revolutionary Activist for Radical change in South Africa Julius Malema said foreigners are not taking South African jobs but the White people who are refusing to invest in South Africa.

Addressing his party’s supporters in South Africa Malema said Whites are the ones who are hiring Black Africans in a bid to cause division amongst themselves.

“There are no jobs in South Africa because whites are refusing to invest money in South Africa, they have got too many savings in the banks and they are refusing to take it out and build industries. There is no Nigerian who stole industries and hire Nigerian families, there is no Zimbabwean who got a farm and hire Zimbabweans .It is your White people who hire Zimbabweans so that you can fight amongst yourselves as Africans. They are causing divisions amongst Africans,” Malema said.

Responding to President Cyril Ramaphosa and the government , Malema warned Ramaphosa to stop that habit of favouritism and fueling Xenophobia.

“I have never seen you doing that to a Chinese, I have never seen you doing that to a White person who doesn’t have papers ,I have never seen you doing that to an Indian who doesn’t have papers ,but because  you hate yourself, White people taught you to hate yourself you kill other Africans stop that nonsense. It must end today, we must unite as Africans!” he said.

Malema also said he is even ashamed to call himself a South African because of the dead images that are coming out of Durban.



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