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Aspiring MP Elvis Mugari

No politician worth dying for or kill for

One of the aspiring independent candidates from Zaka west Elvis Mugari mentioned that no politician is worth dying for in these coming elections.

In an interview that was held last week at the ZimOnline studios Mr E Mugari had a chance to give us what he is expecting and what he is looking forward to do in the coming elections.

One of his major concerns was that the elections must carry a non-violent and peaceful transition, with no blood shed regardless of the political affiliation, everyone must be treated fairly.

He noted that the main reason for holding the general election is that people may vote for a candidate that brings change to his constituency.

Mugari who is still in his late 20s mentioned that the upcoming elections must be a battle of ideas rather than battles were lives are lost in the process.

During the interview Mugari challenged other politicians to have their campaigns aimed at improving the lives of the people they represent.

He also mentioned that on his side he wants the best for his constituency and if there is another candidate with better ideas than his, he will vote for that person because the issue is about results.

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