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No US dollar , no medicine

Zimbabwean Pharmacies  have temporarily suspended the use of medical aid cards,selling basic medicines in US dollar and some even closed due to the prevailing economic conditions .

Local pharmacies claim that the current bond note cannot buy medicine  especially from outside suppliers  as a result there is no need to sell in bond notes , however the issue of basic medicine  is a gross infringement on human right and a lot needs to be done to stabilise the situation .

Although the government has claimed that all the high pricing is caused by panic buying basic medicine is not something that one can buy and stock for later use .In an interview with a local pharmacist he said that

 “ We have no choice rather we are afraid to attain losses because each time you buy medicine from outside the country you are required to buy in us dollar after the people in Zimbabwe cannot afford , so it is very wise for the time being  close the our pharmacies “.

One of Zimbabwe’s pharmacies, Trinity Pharmacy recently paused the issue of medical aid, in a statement the pharmacy insisted that it will resume soon

“Our supplies need foreign currency and trinity pharmacy saw it unfit to go with the parallel market rates which will automatically exhaust our member’s benefited, however for chemotherapy drugs separate arrangement could be reached to try and assist our treasured members.”

Most people are in a position of blaming the pharmacies and not the suppliers.


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