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“No Wahala” Afrobeats star jailed for Robbery

Emerging Afrobeats star Sona has been jailed for four years after being convicted for his part in the violent robbery of £5 000 from a pensioner. Sona, real name Daniel Emifeoluwa and accomplice Rishi Nankani received their respective four and six year prison sentences at Croydon Crown Court today.


Ex-Carshalton Athletic player Rishi Nankani, 25, and student Daniel Emifeoluwa, 23, pushed their 75-year-old victim over in the street before dragging him in front of oncoming traffic. The pair then demanded he hand over cash which he had just withdrawn from the Thornton Heath post office in south London to fund a building project.

They took the money and sped off in a silver Range Rover following the robbery on October 18 last year, witnesses said. Police arrested Nankani at his home in Edith Road, Selhurst, the same day after CCTV footage from the post office showed him watching the pensioner’s transaction shortly before the robbery.

They found £2,000 in his jacket pocket as well as a newly-purchased Versace jumper with a receipt from a shopping centre in Croydon. Emifeoluwa, of Goldwell Road, Thornton Heath, was identified from CCTV footage two days later and was also arrested and charged with robbery.
Sona is best known for his breakout hits No Wahala & Ijo Sona which were both released earlier this year. The conviction throws into doubt the 23 year old’s once promising music career. It is worth noting that the robbery took place in October 2013, some time before Sona’s music career really started taking off.

Detective Constable Leigh Stimpson, who led the investigation, said:

“Nankani and Emifeoluwa worked together to pick out and target their elderly victim. It took them almost no time at all to go and start spending the money they’d stolen, but ultimately, this ended up helping us with the investigation. The witness accounts, CCTV footage from the bank and shopping centre and evidence recovered from the car and Nankani’s address all helped to prove that they were responsible for this robbery. What a shame that a pensioner was forced to go through this ordeal, thank goodness he’s healthy. It’s also sad to see that these young men who have just cast a dark shadow over their futures. Hopefully there is redemption in the future for the young men”.

Talkshow host and British philanthropist Pauline expressed her shock and dismay at the character and talent loss of the fallen potential black kid who joins the endless list of the black stereotype justification syndrome. Taking her emotions to her facebook page, this is what she had at mind,

“This breaks my heart, to any youth and parents to the youth please pass your sons and daughters to me, I will mentor them and also pass them on to others to mentor. We can’t let talent rot in jail. I had this 23 year old on my TV show recently, extremely talented!!!!!! Wow!!!”


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