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Olinda rattled by “Tytan”s sidechick

The marriage of Tytan Skhokho Nkomo and Olinda Chapel hangs in the balance as the the playboy has been caught with fingers dripping candy after after UK based beaty Tallyn Ndudzo leaks dirty flirt chat with Tytan.

The chats, which start with Tytan boldly asking for nude (porn) photos of Tally before getting deep into illustrating his manly sexual prowess and desire to bed her. When all effort proved unyielding, Tytan in a sensitional chat, resigned himself to “watch porno and masturbate till he passes out..”

The messages prove to have leaked from Tally’s handset and as the image backgrounds suggest, were deliberately leaked. Tally, also known as Nora Manyere is no stranger to controversy as earlier this year she broke the internet with images of herself all-boobs-out and also made headlines with work related misconduct.

Socialite Olinda, who rebound with Tytan after showing celebrity ZimHip-Hop musician Desmond ‘Stunner’ Chideme the door following an alleged string of infidelity incidents quickly went on social media visibly panicky but playing all cool with the stormy situation and vowing not to let Tytan go. She challenged Tallyn to a showdown, playing the Chigumba-mania card of asking for proof.

Olinda’s persona incoherence in her Facebook-Live video which she quickly deleted had received over a thousand comments of people pleading with her to seek help and cool off. Considering her volcanic approach of the Stunner issue, there is no prediction of how she will handle the situation and critics say her public professing of relationship strength is just a show and will implode any moment.

Tallyn responded by making the playboy incriminating conversations fully public, sending the Mukoko hit-maker in a frenzy of apology to both his wife and fans. His attempt to set the record straight badly backfired as the social media followers couldn’t but his claims that the chat were deliberately doctored to make him look that bad


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