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Orange week celebrated

The KidzCan Zimbabwe has hosted an Orange launch day in Harare today.

The launch is done annually to commemorate children diagnosed with cancer.

The launch was graced by the honorable United State Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr.

In his speech the Ambassador said “with this new dispensation, Zimbabwe must take the chance to get money from organization like the United Nations, World Health Organization and even from the United States government so that these children with cancer can be given treatment.”

Dr Mudavanhu from the ministry of Health and Child Care said, “the media has the responsibility of raising awareness on children‘s cancer relief.”

He assured that “the ministry is going to support KidzCan in helping children suffering from cancer.”

Dr Mudavanhu alluded that “the ministry is going to help in securing drugs for cancer.”

He advised parents to go with their children to be treated as early they see symptoms of cancer which include enlarged head, difficulty in balancing, swelling, aching bones, unexplained bruising or bleeding to mention just but a few.

In his speech he mentioned that the ministry is trying to bring screening programmes to every public hospital so that everyone can have access to screening services.

The CEO of National Blood services Mrs Marova said in her speech that “the relationship between KidzCan is not for profit making but to help the organization with blood for a respectable cause.”

She also said that “our organization sells all its products to KidzCan for half the price and sometimes even if they owe us some money we still give them what they want.”

Zimoco motors donated donated 2 000US dollars as charity to help these children.

Pick n Pay also gave a check weathy 5 000US dollars to KidzCan Zimbabwe so that the money can be channeled to help children suffering with cancer.

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