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Bold Indonesia risks diplomatic relations: Executes 8 drugs convicts

The Indonesian government has executed by firing squad eight people for drug offences, including two ...

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Our Response to Xenophobia-Sort out Zimbabwe

The Xenophobic attacks in neighbouring South Africa have reinforced a message that we can no ...

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Xenophobia: Mutharika lashes out on tired “Bob”

Blantyre – Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has urged Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, in his capacity ...

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Is the government really doing anything?

When the settlers settled in then Salisbury now Harare in 1890, the idea of relocating ...

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Zimbabweans academics wasting their knowledge over nothing

  Nathaniel Manheru has always been a mysterious and interesting persona to me, primarily because ...

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Zimdancehall artistes full of “Busyness” but they lack “Business”

  I believe that i am somewhat of an authority on the topic of Zimdancehall. ...

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Bondcoins worthless just like the US Dollar!

I know most of you may be tempted to concur with me on the worthless ...

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