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Mliswa mounts pressure at a Chinese companySunny Yi Feng

Member of Parliament for Norton Constituency Hon Temba Mliswa has continued exposing more unfavorable surroundings ...

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South Africa donates to Jairos Jiri Association

South African Ambassador Mpakama N Mbete representing SA government has donated necessities to the Jairos ...

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Dereck Mpofu ‘Ngithande’ video: Mai Titi outshines herself

Zimbabwean musician Dereck Mpofu has released a video of ‘Ngithande’ song featuring Socialite and Comedian ...

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ED to meet Zimbabweans in Namibia

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa will meet Zimbabwean diasporas in Namibia on the 25th of July ...

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Zimbabweans take on the Face App Challenge

There is a new challenge taking over on social media platforms and Zimbabweans are experimenting ...

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World Celebrates Nelson Mandela Day

The World today the 18th of July commemorates Nelson Mandela International Day in honour to ...

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ZCTU claims bullet threats

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) alleged claimed that two leaders have received threat ...

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