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Parents demonstrate over maladministration at Masaisai Primary School

Parents held a demonstration today at Masaisai primary school against the school authorities (board of trustees) for failing to do proper administration of the school.

Reasons for demonstration are that the school authorities are failing to bring accountability for finances of the school.

The parents have written a letter to the ministry of education, indicating the reasons why there were demonstrating.

“The parents resolved not to pay school fees until an AGM to elect a constitutional Parents’ Association Committee (PAC) is held. The parents requested that it be held on Saturday 12 May 2018. Again, this meeting was blocked by the School administration citing that they needed to first hold the Board of Trustees meeting on the 19th of May 2018. It still remains the position of the parents that the School AGM and the Board of Trustees AGM are two distinct meetings which should not preclude the other from happening. Besides, the Trustees had all the time since the teachers’ strike on 15 March 2018, the opportunity to urgently meet as part of their AGM.”

The school administration issued gate passes to children whose parents had paid school fees which they were supposed to show to the security guard on arrival at the school on Monday. Those who did not have gate passes were supposed to return back home. The Ministry at the District was notified about this.

Some parents arrived early at the school and went against that directive, ensuring that all children were admitted into the classroom without prejudice.

The Parents representative notified the police of the developments at the school, just in case there was a need for them to step in. The Officer in Charge assured the parents that the issue of fees was an internal affair and that parents should not resort to violence.

Following petitions were forwarded to the ministry of educations, “To select the Parents Assembly committee in terms of section 36 of the Education Act (Chapter 25:04) as amended, to discuss financial statements as provided, To select auditors for the  year 2018”

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