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Power Xpress band in action

Piracy is hindering our work

Upcoming local artist have complained about the level of Piracy in the country which they believe is a huge hindrance to their work as musicians.

Mzondiwa Mafigu a band manager for Power Xpress complained about the rate at which piracy is dominating.

“Piracy is also hindering our work and hope we get authorities to work hard on that and try to stop piracy.”

We are currently working on our third album called Friendly March.”

“The name is an encouragement to fellow musicians that playing music is not a war game its fair play as entertainment friendly match.”

“Our music is based on what happens on day to day basis.”

“Hopefully late September we will be releasing this one.”

Mafigu also highlighted some of the challenges they face as a band.

“We face so many difficulties in terms of acceptance by club owners and our songs to be played on the airwaves.”

“Even though we have our own musical kit it’s not easy to fit in but we have managed to talk to tough club owners and we usually play in their clubs.”

“Our inspiration is Nicholas Zakaria is on top of the list and we have had some shows with him and hoping for a collabo with him soon.”

Power express is a sungura outfit comprising of 8 members and is from Norton the band was formed way back in 2005, due to lack of funds they only managed to secure a recording deal for our first album in 2012 which was called Papi pacho and later recorded our second album Wudzanai.

The band consist of a song writing who also plays the lead guitar knowledge Chikomwe, Mike on bass, Itai on drums,Trymore on rhythm and Goddie on backing vocals.

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