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Police suspends public gatherings

Zimbabwe Republic Police has warned the public from having public gatherings due to the cholera outbreak which the government has declared as a state of emergency.

This has come to the media attention by the press release that was released by the Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba.

The press statement is as follows:

“The Government has declared the Cholera outbreak in Harare a state of emergency meaning that it is also a threat to human security.”

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to inform members of the public that in light of the declaration of the state of emergency, the Police in Harare will not allow any public gatherings.”

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is appealing to members of the public to take heed on this warning and cooperate as this will assist in alleviating the continuous spread of Cholera.”

In Harare at least 3000 cases of Cholera have been reported and at least 21 deaths have been recorded since the outbreak of the epidemic.

Cholera outbreak was reported on 6th of September 2018 from Harare City in Glen view 3 Suburb at Tichagarika locality where a total of 32 suspected and 2 confirmed cases were detected.

This followed investigations by the Harare City Health Department of the rumoured deaths in the community. These reports are still being investigated. A treatment camp is being constructed at a local clinic where patients are being seen.

In Masvingo City (300 km from Harare) another suspected case was reported after testing positive on RDT. Confirmation by culture was pending.  The patient was admitted at Masvingo Provincial Hospital and further investigations are ongoing.


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