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Police warn parents not to leave kids in custody of friends and relatives

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned parents and guardians to stop leaving their children in custody of friends, relatives or neighbours in circumstances where they are not able to monitor them.

In a statement, Police urged parents to avoid sending their girl child to male places in order to reduce rape cases, they also reported some of the cases which happened in different parts of the country.

Harare,Dzivarasekwa. Sometime in March 2019 the victim (14) was left in the care of her mother’s friend. During the night the accused aged 17 who was in the same house forced his way into the victim’s bedroom and raped once. The victim did not report the offence. The matter came to light in June 2019 when it was discovered that the victim was pregnant,”

“Harare,Malborough. In another case the 15 year old victim was sent to collect some vegetables at the accused’s house. The accused person (victim’s uncle) lured the victim into his house where he raped her once. The offence was discovered when she fell pregnant,”

Police also advised parents to discourage their children from using bushy paths when walking from one place to another.

“Plumtree. In a related case, a minor aged 15 years was raped by a man aged 20 years who met the girl walking alone in a bushy area .The canning accused person went to victim’s homestead where he met the victim’s mother and borrowed a washing dish. He then requested to be accompanied by the same victim so that she would return the borrowed washing dish. In the process the accused raped the victim for the second time in a nearby bush. The offence was discovered after the victim returned home late,”

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