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Politics for a piece of cake

Zimbabwean youths are  getting into politics for the instant benefits they get from government and external sponsors. This has led to their political careers to become short-lived and manipulated  by the government. They are abandoning the reasons why they got engaged and their purpose of serving the country.

Political corruption has endangered the morals of all Zimbabwean youths and people like Saviour kasukuwere, Lovemore Madhuku, Temba Mliswa, Patson Dzamara , Evan Mawarire, Ray Kaukonde, Fadzai Mahere  the list is countless, are active in politics for the money.  I have come to realize that  their manifestos and the gospel of change they preach are just word of mouth.

Evan Mawarire’s first  breakthrough was when he said,” this flag is my country, i will fight for it , i will stand for it, this is the time that change must happen…it is begging for you, it is your flag my flag”. This made  a loud noise never anticipated to happen in Zimbabwe, giving birth to the Tajamuka movement and indeed it won his family  a flight and citizenship in USA and so is every popularity-hungry politican who masquerade their manifestos for a piece of cake.

This  strategy Evan Mawarire used in 2016 drove  masses to believe in him and indeed he was a great orator.  His skill of making so many people believing  #This Flag (Tajamuka) makes me wonder, even to “church people” the culture of greed, entitlement and self- indulgence still maintains its tight grip.

President Mugabe once said these young politicians lead nothing they just want to make money out of nothing. He described Madhuku strategy saying “Madhuku anongounganidza vanhu…ipapo anenge atsva asisina mari anounganidza vanhu kuti mapurisa auye  vamusungwe iye navanhu vatatu… CNN comes votoraka news, ndozvavanoda kuti zvigonzi kuZimbbawe hakuna ma human rights  iye oti mazvionaka zvandiri kuita. Vanomutumira macheques it’s a Madhuku strategy”.

As much as we shout ‘pasi naMugabe, pasi ne Zanu” there is more dangerous menace from incompetent, corrupt and vile youth who seem to lead people into fools trap by giving them hope to fight vs tyranny only to back down after they have been given a free ticket to London/ USA or a piece of land in the nicest suburbs in the country. Our political DNA and evolution are what they are: greedy, hypocrisy, selfish, manipulative, individualism and arrogance.

The same applies to Fadzai Mahere she always knew that she wanted to be in politics but she played spokesperson and lawyer to Evan Mawarire  when he came back from  from USA. She used  Mawarire to gain mileage for her political career. This makes me question the credibility of her efforts in wanting to change Zimbabwe.

Their unfettered attacks on Mugabe and his party receive legal grounding from the Human Rights association and some financial backup from whoever sponsors them.

How then are young politicians meant to win the hearts and minds of young people if young people don’t even know who they are and what they are doing in politics? Politics is now cheap because everyone gets into it to enrich themselves.

There is something wrong with everyones character, purpose and goals if opportunity controls their loyalty. I personally think the public should be left out in these agendas because they are the ones who suffer.  A lot of people are beaten, harassed and threatened  during these Tajamuka sessions and truth be told it is all for NOTHING.

Leadership is a priviledge to do better the lives of others, to lead, protect and inspire but above all it is about leaving a legacy.It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed and when you feel you are satisfied you disappear.

It is this selfishness that has led Zimbabwean youth’s into bieng manipulated by the party officials. As long as this greed is there come 2018 we will have selfish political  heroes without good conservative ideas because they have made the public believe in them.  All this means that it is impossible to create a democratic majority government in Zimbabwe.

We may point fingers to Mugabe’s ills but we youths are not part of the solution we are the bigger problem. What we say is we want jobs,  free education, better health services and yet we manipulate democratic procedures by bribing the people’s hopeS to the top.












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