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Polygamous man in favour of second wife

A Polygamous man Vengai Ndotsva has denied his first wife right to evict his second wife from his homestead.

This matter came to light at the Harare Civil Court where Winmore Mocha the first wife was applying for peace order against Evermore Moyo the second wife.

Mocha said she wants Moyo to vacate from her house which is in Eastview and work place because they worked together with the husband to acquire those properties.

Mocha also said she is being accused of bewitching Moyo to stop menstruating by her husband Moyo and the second wife too. She added that she do not want Moyo insult her.

In response, the husband Ndotsva said he is the owner of the house and Mocha has no right to chase his second wife.

“She has no right to chase her because the house that am staying with Moyo is mine .She is just being jealous with my second wife. They never talk to each other, I actually introduced them to my relatives,” Ndotsva said.

However, Moyo denied that she insult and came to Mocha’s work place “I have never spoke to her ever since l came to know this woman,I have never insult and assault her. We work at the same place but l always avoid visiting her,” Moyo said.

Presiding magistrate ordered Moyo to stop insult and visit Moyo at her work place.

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