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Post-election commission mired with shocking lies

Post the July 30 Zimbabwe Harmonised Election and August 1st shooting in Harare, several senior members of the government have been summoned before the President appointed commission of inquiry for testimonies especially those regarding the violence and fatal shootings.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Chairperson Justice Priscilla Chigumba was the first to take the stand and testified that the violence leading to the shooting of the six civilians was triggered by social media and she insisted that she never heard gun shots nor saw soldiers that where up to a shooting spree in the capital on the 1st of august.

“A lot happened and social media instigated everything , Said Chigumba

Meanwhile the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Chief General Philip Valerio Sibannda was also among those who testified declaring in a military testimony that the military upheld its constitutional mandate empowered and obliged by section 212 of the Zimbabwe constitution to which it did no wrong.

“The military was given orders to advance in the streets to the civilians and they were told to fire in the air and they did not fire to the innocent civilians and despite the video of a military member on social media, there was only misbehaviour and there is no credible evidence of anybody shot”, said Sibanda.

Currently there are a lot of witnessing that the shooting took place in the presence of international journalist, it happened in broad daylight and they cannot be denied although they top officials are testifying in contrary to the claims.

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