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President ED “Thank you rallies” internal politics within ZANU: Magaisa

Tsvangirai’s former Advisor Alex Magaisa has commented on the “Thank your rallies” lined up by the President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

These rallies are going to be done around the country as a way of gratitude for the resounding victory of the ZANU PF party.

Magaisa had this to comment on his twitter handle.

“Another round of rallies, speeches, singing and dancing … the definition of hitting the ground running, apparently…”

“The point of these “thank you rallies” is internal politics within ZANU PF.”

“It’s to prove a point to internal rivals snapping at his heels that his power is from the people, not the gun as they assert.”

“It’s like the tape of 2013-18 being replayed, just new actors & new rivalries.”

“The irony is that a large number of those to attend these ED “thank you rallies” are the young & unemployed who should be doing productive work.”

“A proper thank you is to facilitate job creation, not the same old & tired routine of political rallies.”

Furthermore there have been speculations that Nelson Chamisa will also be going around the nation thanking people for participating in the just ended elections.


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