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Robbers targeting women

Women who are being kidnapped and murdered in Harare in the past weeks has become a cause of concern to the society as it has become like a norm to these heartless actors.Women are no longer safe travelling or even staying alone.In the past weeks here are some of the unfortunate incidents that took place .

A lady  was almost kidnapped by a commuter omnibus crew after she boarded a commuter omnibus in Meyrick Park.The commuter omnibus had six passengers  ,the conductor and the driver presumably heading to town.However ,the commuter  omnibus diverted from the usual route  which made the victim suspicious.Sensing that somewhere somehow she was in danger ,she demanded to be dropped immediately but the conductor is said to have refused ,that is when they started to fight only to be saved by a private car which upon seeing the commotion blocked the commuter omnibus and was saved.

Another incident that transpired was of a popular DJ Alexander  Mutumha’s ex girlfriend who was pepper sprayed ,beaten and stabbed then dumped in Ridgeview  behind Zesa  by a taxi driver. The worst incidents  were of Prudence Gold  who was brutally murdered last week in Eastlea in the evening as she was coming from a meeting ,while Samatha was murdered in her apartment in the Avenues in Harare.

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